Day 19

Sunday 1st August

  • Sue and Peter travelled back to Mt Isa for the rodeo
  • Travelled to Windjana Gorge
  • CAMPSITE -  Windjana Gorge camping ground
Day 20

Monday 2nd August

  • Explored Windjana Gorge
  • CAMPSITE -  Windjana Gorge camping ground
Day 21

Tuesday 3rd August

  • Travelled to Derby
  • Looked around Derby
  • Boab Tree - Prisoner held
  • Travelled to Cable Beach Caravan Park
  • CAMPSITE -  Cable Beach Caravan Park 
Day 22 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 26

Wednesday 4th August
Thursday 5th August
Friday 6th August
Saturday 7th August
Sunday 8th August
  • Cable Beach
  • Looked around Broome
  • Broome Races
  • Camel Ride
  • Roebuck Bay - Dinosaur footprints - Julie not well
  • Meal at Mango Hotel
  • CAMPSITE -  Cable Beach Caravan Park

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We travelled on to Windjana Gorge where we camped for the night.



In the morning we walked through the opening in the face of this rock.


After following a track against the rock wall we came to the magnificent gorge. The picture below is not mine as my photos were lost after the break-up of this relationship but is representative of what we saw inside the gorge.

Crocodiles were sunning themselves in the middle of the expanse of water.

A Cormorant, with his wings up, sat on a rock covered in what was obviously years of his excreta.


We left Windjana Gorge and travelled on to Derby. In Derby we walked on the pier, had a meal, looked at the huge Boab Tree that was used to hold prisoners and decided to travel on to stay at Broome.

When we arrived at Broome we stayed at a caravan park at Cable Beach.

While in Broome we went on one of the camel rides. The ride took us through the sand dunes and out on to the wide expanse of beach. The tide was out and the water was very calm. There were about 7 camels in our camel train and as we slowly travelled along the beach other camel trains came towards us. The beach was crowded with 4WD vehicles and people sitting on camping chairs watching the sun setting over the sea. The groups varied. Some were very elegant and sat drinking wine from wine glasses while others drank beer from their stubbies in coolers. The camel ride finished near one of the Cable Beach resorts and as we walked up the grassy verge of the beach we found more people, with cameras and tripods. Some very well dressed, sitting, drinking champagne, watching the sun go down from that vantage point. We stayed there and watched it dip below the horizon, taking advantage of the view ourselves.

On one of our days in Broome we drove to the southern end. We found a lighthouse and looked around at the rocks. We were told dinosaur prints were imbedded into the rocks but we didn't see them. Maybe the tide was in too far for them to be exposed. Our drive took us around the coastline to the jetty which extended into Roebuck Bay. We had a look around and then followed the road back into town.

On the way into town we noticed a hotel called the Mangrove Hotel which overlooked Roebuck Bay. The following day we had lunch there and enjoyed the great view of the turquoise blue sea. Sea eagles spiralled in the thermals over the sea as kids played on the beaches below. The colours were amazing and the meal was delicious.

The Broome Races were on while we were there. Bart Cummings was a guest at the races. We saw him in the stands. That added to the day.

We browsed around Broome and looked at the souvenir shops. A very friendly, helpful girl showed us around a pearl shop and explained all about their cultivation.  


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