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Bureau of Meteorology - Home Page

AUSTRALIAN Bureau of Meteorology


 Australian Severe Weather

A massive amount of severe weather information.

Fantastic weather photography.

Great information about past Tropical Cyclones.

Australian Weather News Forecasts: Weather warnings and forecasts for all Australia, Bureau guidance forecasts for up to a week for over 600 locations, and computer model forecasts of rain and more.
Current: The weather today and right now. Radar, lightning, satellite images, hourly charts, detailed rainfall maps, and weather readings from all Australian stations.
Daily Weather Summaries: Charts, statistics and news stories give the most detailed national weather coverage available in one place for every day back to 1996. Today's is here.
Recent & Climate: Rainfall, temperature and more for every Australian station for the past year. Long-term averages, charts, climate change, El Nino.
Severe: Current and past cyclones, floods, droughts, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, snowstorms, bushfires, gales and high seas.
Know-how: How the weather works; observing, analysing and forecasting the weather ; and tech stuff for weather enthusiasts. 


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