Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is in the state of Queensland on the east coast of Australia.

Hervey Bay is formed by the junction of the mainland and  Fraser Island.

There is some confusion over the term, "Hervey Bay". ( Pronounced as Harvey Bay )

Hervey Bay City consists of a series of suburbs, that were once fishing villages. It has grown to encompass areas inland towards Maryborough, along the coastal strip north to the Burrum River and south to the Mary River.

The population was around 3,000 when I first visited Hervey Bay as a child in the 1950's and now , 2003, is around 40,000.

The suburbs have built up along the beachfront of the physical formation called a bay, which was named Hervey Bay by Captain James Cook in the late 1700's.

Of the earliest suburbs settled, Pialba, Scarness, Torquay and Urangan became the business area suburbs. Point Vernon was settled early too but became a very popular residential area because of the views across the bay to Fraser Island.


Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson
Space Center http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov

Other suburbs or areas that I am aware of include Burrum Heads ( at the head of the Burrum River ), Howard, Torbanlea, Toogoom, Takura, Dundowran, Nikenbah, Kawungan, Shelly Beach, Bingham and River Heads ( at the head of the Mary River ).

Because tourists were confused over where the town/city of Hervey Bay was, the Pialba Post Office ( Australia Post ) was renamed as Hervey Bay Post Office.

Fraser Island runs away to the north east of the mainland and part of it is in the Hervey Bay City Council area.

Below is an excerpt from a previous Urangan State High School webpage. Obviously they researched the history well.


Hervey Bay, a town created by the early pioneers from England and Europe has certainly prospered since the late 17 hundreds.  Being only 230 years old, Hervey Bay has a quite remarkable history starting from the moment Captain Cook discovered Australia in 1770.

Hervey Bay actually originated with the name 'Hervey's Bay', which Cook named in honour of his friend in England, Captain Hervey, the Earl of Bristol.  As Cook sailed up the east coast of Australia, he passed what is now called Fraser Island, and mistakenly thought it was a part of the mainland.  But in 1799 Mathew Flinders discovered the passage between Fraser Island and named Fraser, 'Great Sandy Island'.


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The Boat Harbour at Urangan.





The Marina at The Boat Harbour






A section of the path running the length of Hervey Bay from Point Vernon to The Boat Harbour.

This lovely cool section is at Urangan just near the retaining wall at the end of Elizabeth Street.





 Shelley Beach

Fraser Island is just visible in the distance.




Scarness beach from the "new" Scarness Jetty with the Scarness Camping Grounds in the top centre.

I have fond memories of swimming and playing on this beach as a child.

In those days, the 1950 - 1970 era, there were no rocks. The sand has been eroded since by cyclones and natural erosion by the tides.

As a family we stayed in the Scarness Camping Grounds and were able to run down onto the beach without a care in the world.




This photo was taken in January 1961.

The position is very close to the photo above which was taken in 1998.

 You will notice the sand right up to the tree line and no rocks.

My sister Karen, brother Russell and myself in the canoe with Dad behind it.





Torquay, Scarness, Pialba and Point Vernon in the foreground.

Gataker's Bay, Dundowran, Toogoom and Burrum Heads in the background.


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