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Primary School

  • 1955 - Started School - Grade 1 - Miss Meehan
  • 1955/1962 - My Primary School teachers - Mr Bond (Head Teacher) - Miss Meehan - Mrs (Betty) Castree - Mrs Hayes - Mr Armstrong - Mr (Dick) Plint -  Miss Ford - Miss (Moya) Jones - Mr (Barry) Norris
  • 1956 - Being called out at "parade" at school to go to the "office" - I was terrified but was later proud as I had to collect dad's Electrical Workers Certificate after he had passed his exams to be an Electrical Linesman.
  • 1956 - "Kidney Trouble" diagnosed when visiting doctor after being bitten by sandflies at Hervey Bay.
  • 1956 - Spent weeks at a time in Kingaroy General Hospital being watched for signs of "Kidney Trouble"
  • 1957 - More time in Kingaroy General Hospital with "Kidney Trouble" - Taken to Royal Brisbane Children's Hospital - Dye put through my system and X-Rayed - "Diana" was Number 1 in the Top 40 and the 45rpm records were hung on the walls in the music stores in Brisbane.


Grade 4B Class - 1958

(Click on picture for larger version)

Back Row : Ralph Orr, Errol Hansen, Jeff Watson, Rodney Cecil, Warren Witt, Ron Lancaster, Stanley Gooda,  David Ruscoe, Louis Schaffer, Ron Schumann, Bruce Morrison, Wayne Ivins, Don Knopke, Jim Pascoe.
Middle Row : Lyn Marshall, Sandra Keenan, Narelle Kingston, Julianne Farmer, Andrea Barrett, Marilyn Knudsen, Robyn French, Susan Siddall, Marilyn Pascoe, Margaret McAllister, Eileen Legge, Leslie Pascoe, Wendy Neubauer, Jennifer Day, Wendy Peers.
Front Row : Neal Miles, Gary Colquhoun, Malcolm Rea, John McLaughlin, Delwyn Angove, Helen Westbrook, Maxine Newton, Rupert Kefford.

Thanks for the help from Don Knopke and Sandra Dunbar (Keenan).

  • 1959 - Being terrified at giving a "lecturette" about things that we didn't have at home, as we were very poor.
  • 1959 - Being poked in the chest by a teacher so hard that I fell backwards and knocked the desk behind me over, which caused a chain reaction and knocked others over behind them - with kids in them.
  • 1960 - Being made to stand in front of the class and being made an example of because the kid beside me cheated off my book and copied the exact answer. Because he wouldn't own up she made an example of both of us. I was terrified at being made to stand in front of the class as though I had cheated and extremely angry at the unfairness.
  • 1960 - Wetting myself after asking the teacher if I could go to the toilet but she wouldn't let me. Urine running onto the floor under the "form". Finally being allowed to go and being given a letter to give to my parents apologizing for not letting me go.
  • 1960 - Tallebudgera School Camp

Tallebudgera School Camp - 1960

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Back Row :  Les Porter, ?? ,Keith Blades, ??, Keith Green, Ross Jensen, Susan Siddall, Jenny Thorn, Doug Peterson.
Middle Row : Neville Kassulke, Merle Crawford, Colin Hamilton, ??, ??, ??, Ralph Orr, Gary Colquhoun, Latcham ?, Terry Muston.
Front Row : ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Roger Hunwick ?, ??, ??, Darryl Goschnick, ??, ??. 

Thanks for the help from Keith Blades and Phil Goschnick.

  • 1962 - Tore my right thigh open the day before Sports Day while riding a mates bike.
  • 1962 - Scholarship  - Grade 8 - (Final exam of Primary School those days) -
    Amazed myself by getting
    the following marks : Maths 100%
    ; Social Studies 68%; English 78%. Here is a list of the pupils.
  • Delivering the milk around the school for "little lunch" at school. Getting out of "Folk Dancing" because I had to collect the used bottles and pack them up.
  • Standing in a queue to get Polio Injections
  • "Tuck Shop" where you had "toffee" and trying to eat it but getting my teeth stuck in it as it was so sticky and hard. 
  • School Clubs - Vegetable Club - Bee Club - Forestry Club

High School

  • 1963 - 1964 - My High School Teachers - Mr (Gerry?) Potter - Mr Murphy - Mr Gallagher - Mr (Keith?) Fletcher - Mr Pagle - Mr (Neil) Robertson - Mr (Harold) Westbrook - Mr (Keith) Row - Mr (Bert) Whitnall
  • 1963 - Watching the Television Masts being built on the Bunya Mountains from the schoolroom while doing Sub Junior, now called Grade 9.
  • 1963 - Kerosene Primus blew up in my face while doing Chemistry experiments - bad burns on the left side of my face and head.
  • 1964 - Riding on a bike to Booie - 10 miles out of Kingaroy - after Sport's Day with Don Knopke - A thunderstorm formed to the South of us, moving North - we did what we are now told not to - sheltered under a big Eucalypt until the rain and lightning passed. A passing truck driver saw us, drenched, and gave us a lift with our bikes a few miles closer to Kingaroy. By then the sun was out again and we started riding home. The road then was an orange rocky surface and the bouncing caused my chain to jam and break. Don did his best to join it with fence wire but to no avail. From there he "doubled" me on the "bar" of his bike all the way to town as I steered my bike beside us. I still had my white sports clothes on. They were very red from the spattering of the mud by the time we got home. Of course mum was not happy. :)
  • 1964 - October - Sat for Junior Exam - not wonderful -
    1 B
    4 C's
    (Maths A, English, Chemistry, Physics)
    3 Fails

    Maths B - Our teacher used to come into the room, write a Theorem on the blackboard, say "copy this down", then walk out...very little explanations other than what he said to us with his back towards us, as he wrote on the blackboard.
    Woodwork - Did a near perfect job making a set of wooden louvres, only one problem, I made them upside down! :)
    Technical Drawing - The results here explain the Woodwork results. I didn't like it at all. To add to the problems, my spot was near the door and my attention was more on a popular girl - who sat beside the window in a classroom across the Quadrangle, facing me - who loved showing her legs right up to...well, as I was a 14 year old, you understand I'm sure  :)
  • 1964 - November - Started work - before my Junior results came out - as an Apprentice Electrical Fitter and Mechanic.


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