Day 18

Tuesday 6th August 2002


  • Leave Wangi Falls Caravan Park

  • Termites Mounds

  • Batchelor Butterfly Farm

  • Sandflies in Katherine

  • Camped overnight at Katherine at Springvale Homestead Tourist Park


I was told by the locals that this is called Turkey Bush. From researching the Net I gather it is calytrix exstipulata

Maybe it is regarded as a pest as it seems to be very prevalent but if it is, it's a very colourful one

A close-up of the above Turkey Bush
These 2 shots are of a beautiful flower Judy found in the surrounds of the Wangi Falls Caravan Park. The flower emerges from a straggly stick. If it wasn't for the amazing coloured flowers, you wouldn't take a second look.

I researched it and found it to be a Red Flowering Kurrajong, apparently a Brachychiton paradoxum

A close-up of the above Red Flowering Kurrajong
Some of the typical scenery as you drive through Litchfield National Park


A pic taken by Ray at Florence Falls

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